The companies that invest the brand lead the market nowadays. The strong brand allows setting up distribution quickly, controlling the bigger part of the market and selling goods for the higher price. Brand new brand is always in its owner’s marketing activity center. Unlike other marketing and advertising tools, style constants of the brand remain the same. The name and the image of a new brand are the only ground where the rivals can’t overrun you.

Nearly the main function of a brand is the product’s and its producer’s identification, which allows a consumer choose the well-defined product among the great diversity of similar goods.

It’s known for a long time that how the consumer acts to the product depends on how this product satisfies his needs and desires. This shows the “quality guaranteed” function, which inheres in strong brands. While using the product the consumer automatically extends to the brand his attitude to the product, and the brand begins to be associated with the definite properties and quality of the product. A brand here acts as a media that attracts a consumer and it can be considered as a decoy, informing a consumer that the product carries the properties which meet his requirements and taste.

To perform this function a brand has to meet the strong identification requirements, to be informative and easily decoded. The image of the brand must evoke only positive emotions and associations, which gain consumers’ confidence and, as a result, promote the sales.

We consider all these features and properties when designing, positioning and promoting unique brands with outstanding market potential. That’s the reason why in brandspace we create brands not only being “identifiers” and “navigators” that help consumers to find goods with definite qualities, but also contacting with their subconsciousnesses.


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