Corporate identity

Signs and symbols rule the world — neither do the word nor law.

What’s this and what is this for?

Corporate ID is the system of artistic methods, creating unified communicative and advertising materials based on original graphic design clues. Common styling visual approach introduction into all types of a market player’s communicative activity, whether it is a government or commercial organization, or joint stock company, assists in significant product recognition increasing and regulating marketing and advertising actions. Thus, identity design first of all is the method of strengthening of brand’s market positions.

Once designed, the corporate ID unifies different both managers’ and advertising staff’s points of view of a brand-holder company, combines them into a system, makes the single style for all ads. As a result, not only a possibility of arbitrary low-qualified decisions applying, costs of ads’ designing and producing well decreases, but also it takes much less time. Therefore brand ad’s efficiency, flexibility and actuality greatly increase.

Hence, corporate ID is a visualized (and often materialized) reflection of a brand’s essence, its positioning strategy. Well designed ID appears to be an excellent mean of a competitive activity.


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