In 1969 Sir Roger Penrose, Cambridge Physician, was reporting on his discovery at the small scientific conference. He said that he had discovered “the object with the completely collapsed gravity”. The world yawned. Few months later the smart scientist renamed his discovery into “black hole”, and the world immediately got familiar with it. Nowadays this name is translated into hundreds of languages and is known even by children. So, where’s the difference between the object with the completely collapsed gravity and black hole?


No one, but physicians, would understand what the “collapsed object” is; therefore we don’t care about that. It’s all different with the “black hole”. This name provokes, intrigues, astonishes, it’s a conceptual one. And first of all, it’s believed in. If anybody asserts that the name doesn’t mean much tell him about the black hole.

Per se, product’s name creation is the second main task after creation of the product itself. The branch of branding, called naming does this.

The brand name has to reflect both individual features of the company or the product and its owner’s philosophy, his marketing policy. It has to be euphonious, expressive and as short as possible. It has to be clear to the focus group. It has to evoke positive associations (and of course not negative). It is good if the name senses, sounds like and associates with suitable product group, defining brand’s later development. It is very good if the name shows consumers the principal advantages of the product. Finally it has to be defendable in the field of patent right.

The brand name plays the main role in forming positive brand’s image, being the brand’s principal identifier. It addresses directly to the consumer’s mind, it appeals to his life values. Thus, contemporary branding methods suppose the brand name to be memorizeable, flexible, and different from the others. We agree, but the remarkable name — is another story. It speaks for you. It exceeds the limits. It breaks the rules. It offers something brand new.

Only subject to the complex approach the name which corresponds with the defined criteria can be designed. The name that sells. Professional solution is inconceivable without special system, which includes the whole range of technologies and know-how’s.

We made such system and named it brandspace™.


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